Studio Mariani Gallery is a cultural-identity space whose historical roots date back to the exhibitions designed by the artist Marcello Mariani, in his suggestive studios, where since the 70s and 80s, he reserved spaces for exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, etc. hosting everywhere "friends" artists. In the following decades, the Mariani Studio has been characterized by its strong external participatory activities, qualifying it as a lending institution of works of art for national and international exhibitions. Today, starting from these extraordinary places of creative attendance and opening our exhibition destinations to contemporary culture, we have created a web cultural platform with the ambition to present the most original poetic experiments of renowned international artists.


Studio Mariani Gallery collaborates with a team of professionals on the planning of exhibitions, selection and storage of works and materials, investment in art, graphic design, photo-video reportage, management of web sites, and public relations with artists and institutions.